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137 Complete volumes are now available on 2 CD-ROM's and are accessible through the friendly Libronix® system.

The Christadelphian magazine is an essential source of reference for our community, containing the studies of many brethren, as well as exhortations, hymns and psalms, signs of the times, doctrinal expositions, daily life guidelines, etc. This resource even contains the intelligence portions allowing one to follow the development and growth of ecclesias worldwide.

The Libronix system has a very capable search facility which allows you to find any information you're looking for. A user can enter a name of a brother, eg. "Harry Tennant" and all the articles Bro. Harry has written will appear in a very neat list, which you can browse through quickly to find exactly what you want. You can search for topics, eg. "Babylon the great" or just type in the references where that phrase occurs, eg. Rev 17:5 or Rev 18:2. The Libronix system will then locate all the information for this topic. The information may be a short piece, a long article, a table or chart, etc. Even the pictures featured in the magazines are included.

The cd's actually contain full publications such as...
• The Evangelical Revival by Bro. Alfred Nicholls
• The Spirit of God by Bro. Alfred Nicholls
• Studies in the Breaking of Bread by Bro. H.A. Whittaker
• The Sons of Men by Bro. John Roberts
• Prophets of Israel - studies in the minor prophets by Bro. Fred Pearce
• Archaeology and the Bible by Bro. W.L. Bedwell
• and many, many more.

Plus commentaries and a record of the Independence of Israel in 1948, the Israeli-Arab wars, the first and second world war, the advent of the nuclear age, the cold war, the political changes in Russia and Germany, etc.

These valuable cd's are available now, so please place your orders - they really are excellent!

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