What Christadelphians Believe, continued

Discipleship - That following baptism, a believer must make a reasonable attempt to obey the teaching of Christ and the Apostles by developing Christ-like characteristics and lifestyle. Baptised believers have a duty to meet with other brothers and sisters of similar belief - to regularly break bread and drink wine in memory of Christ's sacrifice. To pray, read and study the Bible together and to preach the Gospel to others.

Unless other people hold the same beliefs as outlined above, we are not at liberty to worship and share in fellowship with them. Those who cease to believe or practice the truth as defined and described in the Bible cease to be in fellowship with the body of true believers.
Organisation - Christadelphians are a community of ordinary men and women who have read the Bible, believe its teaching and try to obey its demands. We do not have any central authority or committee structure, we seek to hold faith without distinction as to race or class, and without bishops or clergy, we worship and witness in a simple and consistent way. We do not observe any day or feasts other than the breaking of bread each week, nor do we practice rituals other than baptism for the forgiveness of sins. We believe in a lifestyle which reflects our faith - marriage and family life are important, care for those in need and a commitment to sound principles in all aspects of life will hopefully characterise our discipleship.

Christadelphians do not become involved in politics and associated activities as they see themselves as temporary citizens of this world - responsible and law-abiding but believing that the present constitution is temporary and that involvement in such organisation is incompatible with the hope of the coming Kingdom.
Christadelphians are committed to Bible reading and study, to prayer and to fellowship. To preaching and preparation for the return of Jesus Christ. We ask you to consider these things that you may also share in our fellowship by belief, baptism and a 'new life in Christ' to enable you to prepare for the return of Jesus from heaven to earth.

Colin Edwards

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Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.
Revelation 22v14