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Nations In Bible Prophecy

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Posted 25 August 2004 - 01:17 PM

God: Sovereign Of The World

A consideration of this topic must begin with two questions:
  • Does God rule in the kingdoms of men?

  • Has God cast away the covenant He made with Abraham?
All true Bible believing Christians would certainly answer in the affirmative to both questions. But would they really understand the full implications of these truths?

If we are honest, we will confess that in this modern world it is increasingly difficult to acknowledge and discern the Divine. Surrounded as most of us are by a secular society, assailed by atheistic thought and deed, it is no exaggeration to say that for many of us the concept of God involving Himself directly in contemporary events is a thought which we treat with great caution.

We do not see the miracles to which Israel was exposed. We find no manna on the ground in the mornings. We are led by no pillar of fire or cloud. We do not see our enemies destroyed by floods, or their cattle smitten by an evil murrain. We experience no miraculous healings, and witness no resurrections.

If we are honest, we will agree that although we are Christians, and although we believe fervently in our God, we are curiously skeptical towards the idea that God is continuing to work in the world, and we are reluctant to look for or acknowledge His hand in contemporary events.

Wary of reading supernatural 'signs' into innoccous events, rightly dismissive of the claims of latter day preachers and self-styled 'prophets' that they are agents of the Divine, we have a strong tendency to resist the idea that God Himself is active in contemporary events, and are even uncomfortable with the suggestion that a particular circumstance may have been influenced by His direct involvement.

Deep down, we believe that the age of miracles has passed, that it would be presumptuous of us to think that God might perform them today, even arrogant to consider that He would waste His time on modern nations and contemporary events.

How then can we give unqualified assent to these questions?
  • Does God rule in the kingdoms of men?

  • Has God cast away the covenant He made with Abraham?

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