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The Joy of Study

Posted by Nancy178 , 28 March 2017 · 185 views

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When I was about 10 years old I watched a movie where Jesus was nailed to the cross and I cried.  I didn't know anything about God or Jesus or what it all meant, but I knew that seeing Jesus nailed to the cross made me terribly sad. 
As I grew up, going to church or getting to know God just wasn't what our family did.  We would sometimes go to church, and I mean sometimes, and my sister and I did get Baptized as Methodist, just because mom said we should.  But life went on and once we were baptized we never thought more about it and went on with our non-religious life.  
We were taught right from wrong, and from the little bible studying we did do from time to time at home, we (sister and I) tried to be as good as we could be. 
At 38 years old, after a divorce, I began studying with the Jehovah's Witnesses.  I loved it.  I loved them.  I learned a lot.  And that is saying something because I grew up to be a person who didn't believe anybody or trusted anyone, not to mention someone ever telling me the truth about anything.  So I didn't believe what the JW's taught me without some deep studying.  (I studied every religion I could get my hands on, or knew about at that time), and came to the conclusion that the JW's had the truth.
Seven years pass as a Baptized Jehovah's Witness and the zeal that I had had, begun to fade.  I didn't believe in the type of disfellowshipping that was happening.  Because it was the Elders who decided when someone who was disfellowshiped was repentant enough to be reinstated.  I didn't feel that was right.  God decided who was repentant enough, not man. What about the Prodigal Son, The woman who found the Gold Coin?
 Sometimes it would take years for the committee to tell a person they were good enough to be part of the community again, and therefore, be able to talk to the brothers and sisters once again.  
I truly didn't believe in a Satan.  I did and yet I didn't.  It was too much of a cartoon type scenario.  A devil fighting with Jesus and disrespecting God, and all that stuff.  God is the only true God.  He is GOD !!! I always said that if the Devil was real, he was a mighty stupid devil, because God was the Supreme!  God could strike him dead right now!   So I never believed that a real Devil existed.   And so I did end up getting disfellowshiped and I did try going back, but when the elders sat me in the room to counsel me and read me all the rules I had to obey in order to be reinstated, I gave them a sermon that wasn't befitting of a sister.  Thus my strong personality.
From being a Jehovah's Witness to not being a part of any religion was a very hard time for me. But I did keep my beliefs inside of me and I did try to live by Bible principles, the ones I had learned.  But I was very lonely.  I missed the presence of God in my life.  Since I didn't believe in what the JW's taught in some respects anymore, I didn't have anything to study....UNTIL ONE DAY!   One wonderful day when I came across the Christadelphian website.  
Since that time, I have had so many miracles, yes MIRACLES, happen to me that it is mind boggling.  When I began studying online, everything that the Christadelphian had on their websites, e.g., all the  literature I could find, tons and tons of literature and music and just EVERYTHING, plus meeting Duncan Heaster an author of the best literature that one can imagine (He's a Christadelphian), and the audio tapes and debate printouts that he had with other churches, gave me so much information to read and study, that I knew Yahweh looked down on me and said, "Yep, she's ready", it's time to lead her where she belongs.  And I do believe he is leading me, and I am on the road, to I don't know where yet, but I know it is to teach.  
I can't tell you, those of you who are reading this today, how filled with love and joy I am, at having a close relationship with God and Jesus, and for finding the Christadelphians.  
I know what's it's like to be afraid to listen to some other religion that has a different belief, and say to yourself, yea, that makes sense, but not pursue it.  
Once you open up your mind and soul to really want the truth, you will listen.  Sometimes it takes a great in-depth study of the words in the Bible, match it to the Ancient Hebrew Text and then put all the other passages from the Bible that deal with issue altogether, and you end up seeing the truth.  All the missing pieces seem to come together now.  All the questions we had and other people in the world have are answered.  But you have to want it.  You can't be bullheaded and opinionated.  
So, I'm glad, that I no longer believe in that silly old Devil called Satan.  I know that it is us who temps us, and nobody else makes us do the things we do.  Just us.  From the Garden of Eden, it was Eve blaming the serpent (never calling it the devil).  And it was Adam blaming Eve (never blaming a devil) and then he blames God because it was the "Woman" He sent him, that made him eat of the tree.  (Wow, nothing like blaming God right to His face...ah to His voice).  
Once I knew it was me who made me...me and I was responsible for my own actions, bad or good, it made me grow up and I became more responsible.
So this is my Blog today.  
Life isn't easy. It has some sad moments.  Lots of sad moments.  But whenever I sit at my desk and study study study, nothing seems bad anymore or more than I can handle.  Everything fades away, during this time, and I feel so loved, more so than any time in my entire life.  
My prayers and thanks go to Yahweh and Jesus, for thinking that I am deserving enough to have been given such a gift. 

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