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God Answered My Prayer

Posted by daysha , 29 December 2010 · 5,210 views

But I had to work hard, persist almost to breaking point & do my bit too.

This is what happened.

My husband & I were living & working in a city in the North Island of New Zealand. We didn't own a car but we did have a pet cat - 'Puddy'. However, said cat was too tiny to pull a sulky so we caught the bus to everywhere necessary instead.
One day, the neighbours across the road who'd just sold their house parked a large empty truck which they gradually filled with all their worldly goods in prep. for their move to another city an hour's drive away.
Our cat showed typical kitty curiosity with all the interesting goings on and new smells coming from that truck.

At the end of the week the truck was gone. That night, Puddy didn't turn up. Nor the next day. Nor the next week. Lots of praying. Lots of tears. Lots of searching high & low. Sticking up lots of 'missing much loved pet' posters all over the neighbourhood.
Then another neighbour suggested we phone the recently moved neighbours on the off-chance that Puddy had hitched a ride in that truck.

Sure enough, they said they'd seen a cat matching Puddy's description hanging around at their new home, but kept shooing it away thinking it was a stray, until it didn't return.

Carless, we hired a car & headed to the new city to hunt for Pud. We did the postering thing and advertised in that city's newspaper offering a reward. Got lots of responses, but no cat.

We kept hiring cars and searching high & low.
We did this week after week after week. Always praying and often weeping.
I was NOT EVER going to stop searching until I found her. I loved her so much.

After a month, a chap phoned after seeing the ad in the paper. He told us he noticed & began feeding a cat that had recently took up residence underneath an abandoned house down the road from him in that city in a street named Hyde street. So we got hold of a cat cage, hubby's brother drove us over to the city, and we called Puddy's name. Out from underneath the house emerged a tiny paw - I recognised that paw!
and then followed by a painfully thin and bedraggled Puddy.

For the first time in my life I leaped up for joy!

God had answered my prayers!

May He answer yours too!

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Ken Gilmore
Dec 29 2010 05:03 AM
I love a happy ending to a cat story. :)
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Ken Gilmore
Dec 29 2010 05:03 AM
I love a happy ending to a cat story. :)
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Topcat Jimmy
Feb 17 2012 05:29 PM
daysha, you write so very well, very magnetic. Its like reading a Poem. (Did ya ever think of Writing as a Trade, well you ought to, and Do it, in my opinion, I hope that encourages you). next of all, We, my girlfriend & I had a similar situation. Her Cats name in this case is Sonny. (Sunny). [Hes My Buddy]. He slipped out the door one day, us not noticing, and when we realized he was gone,, oh my my. We started Praying from the start, we called friends, they were praying, we Posted Flyers with his Picture on them with contact info, we drove thru the neighborhoods, we went to the two Animal shelters in town. I took one of His Photos and I put it in The Holy Bible in REVELATION the 4th chapter, I basically Prayed; "Lord Jesus, You ARE The Lion (cat) of the Tribe of Judah, you Are The CAT of cats. Protect Sonny in the jungle out there. You Lord Jesus Are Our Shepherd, and You Lion of Judah Are Sonnys Overseer as well, please protect him with Your Ownself & Heavenly angels, and provide safety, shelter, warmth good food fresh water for him, and return him to us safe & sound". Night after night, day after day, we just did Not feel right, and we woudlnt neither, until his return. Next thing ya know 10 days later, the neighbors down the very street of my girlfriends house, called one night and said they think they have Sonny, he was underneath their very low porch. they recognized him by the Flyer I put in their door. Well sure enough, IT WAS HIM! We were so grateful, we gave them thanks & the reward that we offered, they didnt do it for that but we insisted they please accept it, they did. My Girlfriend was crying and holding him, I got to be the first to oick him up & hold him tho. We arrived back to her house, She started went to her knees & started Praising GOD Directly telling Him How Wonderful & Awesome He really Is, I joined her & agreed. She not too long after that read an article that Only approx 10% of all Cats lost, are ever found again, with 90% not making it back home. Wow! God rates Sonny highly and Us to that He cares so much like that. Interesting because 10% is the number also alloted to the Tithe. God Is Great. God Bless Yous
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