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Pray for Israel

Posted by brophil , 11 March 2008 · 2,361 views


My Legal Bit

Firstly, Hi to all, Christadelphian or otherwise who take time to read this topic. Thank you for these few short moments to speak with you and give you some background about myself.

We really do have such a powerful set of tools available to use in this age, and through them gain so much from others that we never would have had the opportunity to before.

I am a very new user to the Forum (Hey, Great effort, May God continue to shine upon you all) and have recently commenced to post replies on a couple of topics, and when re-reading some of the comments I have made, I realise how absolute and unyeilding some comments can become, once they are written down.

Hence :- My Legal Bit....

Firstly let me state that I do tend to believe things in a very 'black and white' sort of way and have no difficulty living my life by those guidelines that I place upon my self, or believe the scriptures to indicate. However I also acknowledge that there are an infinite variety of gradients within those two extremes and there are a large variety of areas in our Christian walk where our Heavenly Father permits us to be guided by our conscience (albeit with the Word).

I also believe that each of us go through a variety of 'growing phrases' during our life in the Gospel of Christ and are caused to moderate and change our basic guidelines as we progress. What I may have felt comfortable with, or been ingorant about when first baptised is no longer comfortable today.

When we speak to people, whether within or outside the brotherhood, our proximity and ability to 'see' their body language permits us to understand better how that person has understood our viewpoint when they heard it, and we then have opportunity to further clarify or moderate our statement.

All this changes once you put those same words on paper (the screen). This is even further complicated when others, not involved with the original conversation, casually view your statement, possibly even out of sequence, at a later time.

I therefore put here on record that if a word, sentence, or phrase in one of my posts or articles, seems to imply a personal atack on 'you' the individual, no such atack or insult was intended.

I would also ask that if a comment I have made (whether to you personally, or as a visitor to the topic) causes you concern to follow the links to my profile and send am email for my attention.

I cannot state here that I will ALWAYS be able to solve a problem to everyones satisfaction, but I will state that I will spend as much time as is necessary to try to solve the situation to the best of my ability and with the help of our Heavenly Father.

Although I aspire to "Do all to the glory of God" and "to cause harm to no man" there will be times when I fail.

May my weakness not be a cause of us not be able to respect each other as a part of God's creation, and may He grant us stregnth to treat each other in that way for His glory.

I look forward to sharing words of wisdom and stregnth from His Holy Word as we sojourne together in this pilgrimage.

Bro. Phil

February 2018

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Recent Entries

The Ecclesia

Being a smaller ecclesia, and also one where our members are spread over a large area, we all only meet together usually 2 Sundays out of every month.
Although we have a Bible Study during the week (every fortnight) distance makes it difficult for some to attend regularly. As limiting as this can be sometimes, it does make us more aware of how much we gain from the presence of our Brothers and Sisters, so take advantage of this as much as possible.
We are also extremely well supported by ecclesias from elsewhere and regularly have 'visiting' Brethren and Sisters at our gatherings.
Their comfort and support, as well as Exhortation and Study duties by Visiting Brethren, certainly enlarges our family, and we have enjoyed many Fraternal and Special Effort undertakings that we would otherwise not have been able to without the effort and love they provide for us.
I hope to place pieces of information here about our ecclesial experience to include you all in the joy given to us through the extended family God has provided for us all.
I am sure the entire ecclesia would have eagerly gathered around and listened intently to the latest installment of news from other parts of Asia Minor during the First Century. There is no reason we cannot share a similar experience through these pages.

"Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; Who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God. For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also abounds by Christ".

II Cor. 1:3-5.

LABOR DAY WEEKEND (Victoria, Australia) March 7th to 10th..

Well it is already March and that is what the year is starting to do, march away from us again.
I keep telling myself that I will put those time management skill to the test and start using some of them (there is hope they say), but anyway locally the Brethren and Sisters have been busy preparing for the Boronia Ecclesial Camp at Glen Eden, Glengarry (Sth Eastern Victoria), by now (10:00PN Aust EST) those who have travelled up from Melbourne Ecclesia will be starting to get settled down for the night after having travelled up this afternoon and set camp.
Their topic for this year is "The Cherebim" with Bro. John Siviour from Cumberland, Sth Aust.

The weekend will start in earnest tomorrow morning (Sat) when the first study will begin at 9:00am.
Due to family committments I am unable to attend the entire weekend, but will be there for the memorial service. As most of our ecclesia (Moe) usually attend this camp, we don't have our Moe meeting on this weekend so we cam all join in with the campers. It makes for a fantastic change to have such a crowd, and with a communal luncheon and recreational activities throughoutthe afternoon, there is plenty of opportunity for all to get up to date with our visiting Brethren and Sisters.

The weather forecast appears to be favourable with warm weather for the entire weekend and I feel certain all will be greatly blessed.
Will give some more details (and hopefully some pics early next week (God Willing).

Another Study Weekend Passes...

Unfortunately, I left the camera on the desk in my haste to leave on Sunday morning, so there won't be any photo's for now (I will try to get some copies from others).

The weather for the three day event was quite summery, which made the camping experience enjoyable for all and with the camp site being set on farmland that comprises plenty of scope for a wide range of physical activities, there was plenty of time for these between the studies.

As usual the old shed was cleared of its farming equipment and utilised for the studies and memorial meeting with an additional area on one of the wings for meal preparation. All those attending shared duties for the weekend which always makes for a great opportunity for all to get to know each other and the time shared in this way can be just as fulfilling as the study times themselves. Being a family camp, with quite a few children attending, the pleasent weather ensured plenty of exercise, with a community cricket match enjoyed after the picnic lunch on Sunday.

As I mentioned earlier, the Topic for this year was 'The Cherebim', and I will include some notes when I review the tapes.

That's all for now, "I will lift up my eyes to the hills, from where comes my help. My help comes from Yahweh, which made heaven and earth. (Ps. 121:1-2)