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Back to uni...

Posted by Tinkerbell , 01 October 2006 · 3,117 views

Well, i've been back at uni almost 2 weeks now and already i'm completely exhausted!

It's amazing how difficult it is to get back into a routine once you've gotten out of it! Over the summer my routine consisted of staying up late talking to NSR and getting up late the next day (usually around mid-day!) and not doing very much in between. Now my routine consists of getting up really early everyday to get to uni or school and as much as i know i shouldn't be staying up late to talk to NSR, i find that i'm still doing it anyway! I guess that's not really going to change either until we're a bit closer to each other and can see each other a bit more frequently. Though unfortunately i can't see that happening any time soon!

I never realised just how much work has to go into a long distance relationship! It's really hard work, but it's worth all the heartache and the being apart when you finally do get to see each other! I never thought i'd be able to survive being at uni, looking after my siblings while my mom's in hospital (which is quite a lot recently!) and trying to keep up a long distance relationship. I guess it's amazing what God gives us the strength to do when we really need it!

Oh well, i guess being tired is the sacrifice i have to make if i want the quality time i spend talking to NSR. Though how much longer i can go with not enough sleep remains to be seen!

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