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ages since I posted in here

Posted by sarah , 25 November 2006 · 3,483 views

jsut browsing around BTDF and found my way into here. reading through some of my past entries. reflecting on where i have come from and where i am going.

there is mnot much difference now as to then, except that I might have some better understanding of myself. but thats shame to me really because i should and ought to have a better understanding of God.

I guess in a way I have, i have begun to understand why it is that i am not seeing God as a father and have begun to work through those issues, realising that ok you may have a problem, but unless you DO something about it its not going to go away by itself!!

some of my errant behaviours have been improved..I spose thats a good move, but I begin to feel like the writer of Ecclesiates...all IS vanity and vexation of spirit. I can not shift from the position I am in because I am sinful; while I have been washed in the blood of the lamb, i can not change my sinful nature...and it begs the question: Is there a point to all of this?

I don't know. I struggle with this concept of separation, them and us, I struggle with reading the word of God, though God alone only knows why this is so. Ridiculous when you think I ONLY need to pick up His word and read it but i don't.
I feel that I cry out to be accountable to someone...i ahve a husband...and yet that doesn't work either.

Plod on still i suppose...to turn my back on God is not good, but how am i going forward.

To search is always the best thing, so well done. I think that to go to the history, archaeology and historical geography of the Bible setting and stories can be extremely helpful. There is a load of information on the carta-jerusalem.com site, and this really gives a good picture and analysis of the biblical world. With this in mind devotional matters can follow on in an easier and more logical manner. good luck!
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