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Does The Sun Burn Fuel

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Posted 03 November 2011 - 09:16 PM

want to dissolve this evolution hoax ?
showing everybody this fairy tail that they are being taught,
the blatant lies that are being taught to our children
we can tear down these paper walls of this world system,

I would like to know how there scientists explain,
how the earth has been orbiting the sun,
for billions of years,
so perpect is the orbit,,,?

how does this complex system keep working
without the sun's fuel burning up long ago,
,,, and if they think that they can make up a good excuse for that one,

I would hit them with the,,,
“how do you explain it remaining in orbit”
while our Sun shrinks in size + weight,
as it burns off its fuel,
giving us the light we so desperately need,

And not only the earth,
but how about the rest of the planets,
how did they all stay in orbit,
with the diminishing size, (+ gravity pull) on our sun,
over such a great span on time,,,

sun = fuel burning out
- it does not have enough fuel to burn 1 billion years
proton decay = all matter in universe had an expiry date
- and there is none being created
- man, with his superior intelect,
- has not even discovered how the atom works
- with all of it's power, (atomic bomb)
- so, we cannot even dream of making them
moon leaving orbit = in few thousand years
- life cannot exist without it
o dead ocean without it
- how was it orbiting for billions of years,
o and now all of a sudden, it is moving out of orbit
radio active material,,,
- how is there any still left,
- wouldn’t it all decomposed,
- with such short half-lives
- or that means that there had to be 99% radio active material way back then
- ,
atomic structure
- the whole universe = all of reality is made up of atoms,
o the atom is an amazing feet of ingenuity,
§ one which we have not yet been able to figure out
- no more atoms are being created,
o or so says the first law of thermodynamics
- how did these trillions and trillions of extremely complex atoms all get here in the first place
o how soon is the expiry date = when will it all end,
§ or so says the second law of thermodynamics

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Posted 03 November 2011 - 10:27 PM

You already posted this in another thread. Please do not keep creating new threads to post things you have posted before. It's called spamming and it's not allowed.
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