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trees for Israel

Posted by sarah , 17 February 2006 · 610 views

This blogging is catching on with me!!!
here is soemthing that I reecived today in my email:

I do have a love of the land of Israel and I think that Naomi and I will plant a tree each in Israel...I think that is a wonderful way of suopporting the land.Watching the clip on the front page of the website...it was quite soemthing to be seeing pictures again of those older people, those people who fought and died for their beliefs in the country...nothing like patriotism at all...
anyway wander over to the link..s.ee what you think :-)

Hi Sarah :yoohoo:
Am new to BTDF and started reading the blogs. Being more a reader than a writer, I'm really enjoying it and getting to know you bloggers a bit better. Keep on bloggin :) !
Thanks for your link to the Jewish National Fund website. I remember from way back in my Sunday school days giving donations to it for the tree planting effort. It would be lovely to visit Israel one day to see the trees, and also my husband and I would enjoy doing some mountain-biking on the trails they've built over there.
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