The Bible Truth cd has been specially compiled to aid preaching efforts, and can be distributed to anyone interested in the Truth.

The disc is divided into the following sections...

» Beliefs
• Baptism Interview Guidelines
• Basic Bible Principles
• Christadelphian Beliefs
• Christadelphian Instructor
• Christadelphian Statement of Faith
• Daily Discipleship
• Inserts - (online)
• Introducing the Christadelphians
• Preparing for Baptism
• Taking Control - A Guide for Youth
• The Bible and Life
• The Commandments of Christ
• What Christadelphians Believe

» Books
• A Declaration of the Truth
• A Faith that Makes Sense
• A New Creation
• A Small Bible Handbook
• Bible Finger Posts
• Bible Words
• Bible Words (2)
• Books Summary
• Christendom Astray
• Elpis Israel
• God's Master Plan
• God's Plan with Man
• God-Spell
• God's Truth
• God's Way
• Key to Understanding the Scriptures
• Living the Truth
• Making Prayer Powerful
• Meditations
• Minute Meditations
• Overview of the Books of the Bible
• Parables of Christ
• Preaching the Word
• Preparing for Baptism
• Seasons of Comfort
• The Apocalypse
• The Bible, The Lord Jesus and You
• The Christadelphian Instructor
• The Christadelphian Shield
• The First Principles of the One True Faith
• The Fruit of the Spirit
• The New Life
• The Spirit
• The Tabernacle in the Wilderness
• The Trinity: True or False?
• The Way of Life
• The Didache
• Thine is the Kingdom
• What it means to be a Christian
• Ye Servants of the Lord

» Tools
• Basic Reading Planner
• Bible Maps
• Bible Thesaurus (online)
• Chronologies - Time Charts
• Compact Disc Help
• Daily Bible Reading Planner
• Missionary Help
• Notes on Preaching
• Phrase Book (online)
• Preaching Helps (online)
• Printing and Document Help
• Reading Notes
• Reference Database (online)
• Scripture Parallels (online)
• Study organiser

» Courses
• Advanced CBM Correspondence Course
• Basic CBM Correspondence Course
• Intermediate CBM Correspondence Course
• Introductory Bible Basics Course
• Learn to read the Bible Effectively
• Middle East Conflict Course
• Read the Bible
• Scripture Study Circle

» Software
Theophilis Bible, Bible Reference Exporter, Winamp, Treepad, Acrobat Reader and more general software.

» Pamphlets
"Afterlife" Experiences, After Death - What?, Angels : God's Messengers, Baptism - Essential to Salvation, Bible Prophecy, Christ and Protest, Christ in the Old Testament, Christ is Coming!, Christ's coming as a thief, Creation... or Chance?, Do Christians Need Priests?, Do You Believe in a Devil?, Does God Hear Prayer?, Eternal Life . . . On Earth, Not in Heaven!, Getting to know God, God is One, Not Three, Heaven or Hell?, Hell and the Destiny of the Wicked, Hope for a Hopeless World, Israel, Egypt, Russia and Christ's Coming, Israel, God's People, God's Land, Israel's Revival, Jerusalem and the Holy Land, Jerusalem: Metropolis of the Coming Age, Jesus Did Not Pre-Exist, Jesus: God the Son or Son of God?, Kingdom of God on Earth, One Bible - Many Churches..., Raised to Judgement, Russia's bid for World Domination -Sure Sign of Christ's Coming, Satanism or Christianity?, Solution to Sorrow and Suffering, Storm Clouds Over Jerusalem, Sunday and the Sabbath, The Amazing Witness of Fulfilling Bible Prophecy, The Arabs in Bible Prophecy, The Bible Meaning of Soul, The Bible, Our Guide, The Certainty and Significance of Christ's Resurrection, The Claim to Speak in Tongues and Perform Miracles, The Coming End and a New Beginning, The Coming New World Order, The Cross of Christ, The Danger of Cults, The Divine Origin of the Bible, The End of the World, The Environmental Crisis - Its Cause and Cure, The Glories of the Age to Come, The Gospel Explained and Expounded, The Holy Spirit, The Key to Understanding the Bible, The Kingdom of God on Earth, The Middle East and Bible Prophecy, The Millenium, The Miracle of the Bible, The Real Facts concerning the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, The Remarkable Book Called, The Bible, The Return of Christ - The World's Only Hope, The Second Coming of Christ, The Uprise of Antichrist and the Battle of Armageddon, Time of Jacob's Trouble, Turkey, Russia, and the "Time of the End", War with Russia is Inevitable, What Your Decision for Christ Demands, Who are the Christadelphians?, Whose Land?, Why Baptism Really Matters, Why does God allow suffering?, Why I Believe the Bible, Why Man is Mortal?, Why Read the Bible?, Women Priests?, World Destiny, Your Share in God's Promises, Homosexuality and the Church, Spiritualism, The Christian and Politics, Women Priests, Speaking in Tongues - As Taught in the Bible, Why We Proclaim Jesus Did Not Pre-Exist, World Destiny Revealed by Daniel the Prophet, Angels - God's Servants, Angels that Sinned - Slandering Celestial Beings, Christ is Coming Again, Mary Mother of Jesus, One God or a Trinity, The Bible - Questions and Answers, The Bible - the Word of God, The Christadelphians, The Christian Life, The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, The Rich Man Lazarus and Abraham, Tongues of Angels, Who is Jesus?, Baptism, The Resurrection of the Dead, The Sacrifice of Christ, The Spirit of the God, The Devil and Satan, Bible Teaching about Death, The Sabbath, plus The Truth About... Series

» Documents
Legalism and Faith, The Influence Of Gentile History On Christianity Bible Basics, God's Truth, Cry of the Prophets, The Vital Message of the Revelation for Christ's Servants Today, The Bible Magazine volume 11 to 16, Bible Inserts, Living the Truth Insert, Bible Reading Planners, The Miracles and Parables of Christ Charts, The Way of Life by the CSSU, The Story of the Bible, Learn to Read the Bible Effectively Course Book, The Times (a Chronology of the Bible), Acts of the Apostles Seminar, Genesis Seminar, God's Master Plan Seminar, Gospel Study Seminar, The Kingdom of God Seminar, The Life of Christ Seminar, Learn to Read the Bible Effectively Seminar, Bible Prophecy 101 Presentation, CBM Basic Correspondence, CBM Intermediate Bible Study, CBM Advanced Bible Study Course, Testimony Magazine Inserts, etc.

Audio Talks
Lectures on key Bible Doctrines
Hymns in midi format

» Links

Plus PPT Presentations, Software, Audio Talks, Pamphlets, Charts, Magazines & Workbooks