CMCSA - The Christadelphian Media Centre South Africa produces multi media CD's which can be played or browsed on a PC, and audio CD's which can be played on an mp3 player or computer. Four series are available...

CAD Series - 'Christadelphian Audio Discs'. The first 2 cd's contain about 70 talks, and the following cd's from no. 3 contain about 30. The reduction in number is due to the files being larger and of a much higher audio quality so as to be compatible with portable mp3 players or mp3 enabled DVD players. CAD 11 & 12 are due to be released soon.

Special CD's - This series provides information and tools to those involved with preaching activities and the latest BTCD 3 is being designed specifically for use by interested people. Distribution of these CD's is encouraged. The Bible software CD contains Bible applications as well as normal PC software.

Compilations - This series collects the talks of speakers into individuals discs. Audio has been remastered, ie. improved and the background noise reduced.

CMD Series - 'Christadelphian Media Discs'. These contain about 70 talks each, including lectures, exhortations, Bible weeks and Fraternal talks. The list of speakers include well known brethren, eg. Bre. Harry Tennant, Bob Lloyd, Peter King, John Roberts, Roger Lewis, as well as brethren local to South Africa. The talks use the mp3 format and range from 6 to 12mb in size. Included on each disc is audio software and a study organiser. There are 8 CMD discs available numbered 5 to 12.

All projects and plans are subject to the will of our Lord God.