Talks by Bro. Dennis Gillett

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31 of Bro. Dennis Gillett's talks collected together on one CD, all completely audio remastered.

Available 4th week of May 07

from CMD 6
Making sure of the future part 1 & 2
» The Pathway of Prayer part 1 - 7
» The King's Manifesto part 1 & 2
The Restoration and Recovery of Israel
The Hopefulness of the Truth
The Cost and Benefit of Christian Discipleship
All things work together for good
Idol worship in the 20th century
The hardest thing in the world

from CMD 8
» The Times of David - Part 1 - 5

from CMD 10
» Discipleship in Deuteronomy pt 1 - 5
A perculiar people by deliverance pt 2
The great commandment pt 3
The leading of the eagle pt 4
Faith at rock bottom pt 5
» Abstain from all appearance of evil pt 1 - 2
Our daily devotions pt 2

from CMD 11
What do our Troubled Times mean?
The Glory of God in the Ecclesia

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