CMD 12

Technical Note : For best sound playback, copy the cd or talks to your hard disk.

Christadelphian Media Disc 12 - Released 9 February 2003
68 audio talks
Includes Treepad and Winamp audio player.

Bro Roger Lewis
» Disciples
Pt1 - John - "Lord, why cannot I follow thee now?" (John 13:31-38)
Pt2 - Peter - "Lord, wilt thou that we command fire?" (Luke 9:49-56)
Pt3 - Andrew - "Master, where dwellest thou?" (John 1:35-42)
Pt4 - Thomas - "Lord, we know not whither thou goest" (John 14 & 15)
Pt5 - Judas - "Why was not this ointment sold?" (John 13:31-38)
Pt6 - Mary - Mother of Jesus (Luke 2:25-52)
» Prophecy
Pt1 - How Mother Rome has Rediscovered her Daughters
Pt2 - The Sons of Japheth and the Beast
Pt3 - Framework of Prophecy Forum
» The House of Asaph - Family of Faith, Masters of Music
Pt 1 - The Founding of the House of Asaph
Pt 2 - The Psalms of the House of Asaph
Pt 3 - The Spirit of the House of Asaph
Pt 4 - The Zeal of the House of Asaph
Pt 5 - The Faithfulness of the House of Asaph
Pt 6 - The Secret of the House of Asaph
» Prophecies of the Restoration of Israel
Pt1 - I Will open mine eyes upon the House of Judah
Pt2 - I will send you Elijah the Prophet
Pt3 - I will send those that escape unto the nations
Pt4 - I will make the wilderness a way
Pt5 - I will make them one nation
» Europe & the Beast in the latter days - Pt1
Pt2 - The Destiny of Turkey
The Beast of Revelation
Philip - Lord shew us the Father
Is the Bible Reliable?
Solomon & Western Strategy in the Gulf
Making the Bible Live for your family
The Value of Friendship
Ye shall say unto this mountain: Remove hence to yonder place
The Whole Body fitly joined together
If it be possible let this cup pass from me
» The Scriptural Role of Men & Women
Pt 1 - Equality
Pt 2 - Hierachy
Pt 3 - Diversity
Pt 4 - Activity
Pt 5 - Unity
» James the Just
t 1 - Servant of Grace
Pt 2 - Ruler of Repute
Pt 3 - Pillar of Truth
Pt 4 - Mediator of Peace
Pt 5 - Defender of Liberty
Pt 6 - Martyr of Faith
Pt 7 - Champion of Law
Pt 8 - Teacher of Wisdom

Bro. Robin Lamplough

Understanding Forgiveness

Bro. Jonathan Burke
What is the Spirit?
The Grace of God

Bro. Michael Ashton
» Ezra & Nehemiah
Pt 1 - 6
Behavior in the House of God

Bro. John Carter
Problems in Married Life

Bro. Mark Giordano
» Humanism
Pt 1 - Authority disputed in Bible Times
Pt 2 - Authority disputed in Modern Times
Pt 3 - Authority disputed in the Believer
Pt 4 - Authority disputed in Brotherhood

Bro. Ron Cowie
» The Angels of God
Pt1 - Who maketh His Angels spirits
Pt2 - Michael Your Prince
Pt3 - Equal unto the Angels
Pt4 - Those that stand by
Pt5 - Gather my saints together unto me
Pt6 - Joy among the Angels

Bro. Hagen Kassier
Knowledge and Understanding which leadeth to Life

Bro. Len Richardson
Jesus' Warning against Judging