CMD 11

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Christadelphian Media Disc 11 - RELEASED (SEPT 02)
CMD 11 contains 69 talks
Includes Treepad and Winamp audio player.

Bro Gordon Hunnings
What does it mean to be Born Again?

Bro. Anthony Oosthuizen
» Psalms - pt 1-5
» Parables of Jesus - pt 1 (of the Kingdom)
Parables of Jesus - pt 2 (of service)
Parables of Jesus - pt 3 (of judgement)
Parables of Jesus - pt 4 (of the love of God)
The Problem of Pain & Suffering
Russia, Israel, Christ & you

Bro. Peter King
» The Glory of the Lord - pt 1 - Revealed in the temple
The Glory of the Lord - pt 2
Promises and promises
» Grace & Truth in Action - pt 1 - Forgiveness of Sins in the O.T.
Grace & Truth in Action - pt 2 - Forgiveness of Sins in the N.T.

Bro. Dennis Gillett
What do our Troubled Times mean?
The Glory of God in the Ecclesia

Bro. A.D. Norris
The Heart of Man and the Mind of Christ

Bro. John Martin
Paul the father - pt 2
» Revelation - Overview - pt 1-2
» Noah - a Preacher of Righteousness - pt 1-5
Our Responsibility to our Ecclesia

Bro. Len Richardson
» 50 years a Christadelphian - pt 1 - 8
How I became a Christadelphian
Exhortation - Proverbs

Audio Course
1. Reading the Bible 2. The Father and the Son
The Word and Work of God
Jesus Christ our High Priest
Jesus and the Devil
Resurrection of our Lord - Life after Death

Bro. JK
» The Epistle of James - Be ye Doers of the Word & not Hearers only -pt 1
The Epistle of James - pt 2
Present your Bodies a Living Sacrifice
The Word made Flesh: The Glory of the Father Revealed in the Son
The Good Shepherd who gives his Life for the Sheep
» Creation in the New Testament - pt 1-5

Bro. Jonathan Burke
Exhortation - The Spirit

Bro. Bart
» The Marriage Feast of the Lamb - pt 1-2

Bro. Andrew Knowles
» The Mind of Christ in Mark - pt 1-8

Bro. Michael Ashton
Exhortation - The Memorial Service
The Judgement Seat of Christ