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Christadelphian Media Disc 9
CMD 9 contains 81 talks (62 hours of audio).
Includes Treepad and Treepad Plus (2 excellent Study utilities),
Useful PDF documents and Winamp audio player.

Bro. Bob Lloyd
» Spiritual Dynamics
You can if you think you can pt 1
How to love God pt 2
How to love our neighbour pt 3
The Kingdom is real and wonderful pt 4
Spiritual Dynamics pt 5
Spiritual Dynamics pt 6
Intro to White Mountain Bible School
» You can't stop the clock pt 1
The purpose of Life pt 2
Balance pt 3
The purpose of Life pt 4
Essential steps unto salvation

Bro. Gordon Hunnings
Exhortation with 2 hymns
How can we know God?
»The Last Days pt 1
The Last Days pt 2
» Jeremiah, Messenger of Doom pt 1
Jeremiah, Messenger of Hope pt 2
» The Apocalypse pt 1
The Apocalypse pt 2
» The Corinthian Letters Today pt 1
The Corinthian Letters Today pt 2
Parables of Jesus & their Relevance
The Sceptical Preacher
The Sacrifice of Christ
The Beloved Disciple
The Holy Spirit
» Why Jesus Christ was crucified pt 1
Following our Lord to Zion pt 2
» Love the Lord God pt 1
Love your neighbour pt 2
Exhortation - 10-1-82
The authority of the Bible
The day the devil died
The relevance of the sermon on the mount
The promised land
Exhortation - sacrifice

Bro. Roger Lewis

The Bible's solution to the Middle East Crisis

Bro. Anthony Oosthuizen

Parables of the love of God
» Jeremiah pt 1 to 4

Bro. Robin Lamplough

Understanding Repentance
Our Daily Bread

Bro. Harry Tennant
» Christian Marriage pt 1 Marriage in the Lord
Christian Marriage pt 2 Wilt thou go with this man?
Christian Marriage pt 3 Joint heirs of the grace of life
Christian Marriage pt 4 Keeping faith with family
What will happen on resurrection Day?
The Tabernacle - Old and New

Bro. John Roberts

» What Saith the Scripture
Behold I will send my messenger pt 1
Behold I & the Children which God hath pt 2
He that gathered much had nothing over pt 3
For thy sake we are killed all the day pt 4
Vengeance is Mine saith the Lord pt 5
Crowned with Glory & Honour pt 6
» Joshua & the Rest
The shadow of the Almighty pt 1
Crossing over Jordan pt 2
The door of hope pt 3
The covenant of the Lord pt 4
Inheriting the Promise pt 5

Bro. Cedric Petit

Exhortation - Time, chance & providence

Bro. John Marshall

» Revelation 4 & 5 - Relevance & meaning of the 4 creatures pt 1
The Royal Servant pt 2
The instruction of Proverbs pt 1
The instruction of Proverbs pt 2
» Understanding God through - Hosea pt 1
Two husbands with adulterous wives pt 2

Bro. Richard Purkis
Wise unto Salvation

Bro. Rae Earnshaw
Names and Titles of Christ - The Word

Bro. Fred Pearce
Understanding & using the Yahweh Name
Why should a saviour die?
The fellowship with Father and son
Urgent Councils for the Last Days

Bro. Cyril Tennant
» The New Life - Blessed are they that mourn
The New Life - Blessed are the merciful
The New Life - Herein is love

Bro. George Booker
Exhortation - the Word of God
Exhortation - The Bread and the Wine