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Christadelphian Media Disc 7
CMD 7 contains 83 talks and 27 anthems in mp3 format.
Includes Winamp audio player.

• Anthems
A1 - A27 sung by the Northern Christadelphian Choir

Bro. Trevor Maher
The Ministries of Elijah & Elisha . Part 1 - 6
» Angels, God's Messengers . Part 1 - 5
Evolution challenged by the Bible
Exhortation - Names
Misunderstood men of faith - Jephthah
Misunderstood men of faith - Sampson

Bro. David Fraser

The Joy of believing

Bro. Stuart Walker
The Promise of a Changed World
Exhortation - Seek righteousness

Bro. Nick Laubscher
Exhortation - Get up

Bro. Gordon Hunnings
» Apocalpse - part 3 - 4
Spirit Gifts in New Testament Times and Today

Bro. Roger Lewis
The Genesis flood - a warning for today

Bro. Peter Banford
» Moses - the man of God - part 2 - 5
God's Answer to world crime
Alone yet not alone
His Own Received Him Not
I Came Down from Heaven

Bro. Craig Blewett
Exhortation - Warnings
Does it matter what you believe?

Bro. Anthony Oosthuizen

Exhortation - Redeeming the time
With Jesus at the last supper
Is Jesus God, and does it really matter?
Israel - Unfinished Bible Miracle
Christian Discipleship
God's Principle for the Disciples
Exhortation - Developing the Right Attitude

Bro. Matthew Blewett
How long?
Exhortation - I delight in my weaknesses
Exhortation - Remember God
Lessons from their greatest moments
Who the Devil is he?

Bro. Robin Lamplough
Exhortation - Coping with pressure
The Bible & the Birth of Christ

Bro. Bob Lloyd
Is Salvation Conditional or for everyone?

Bro. Barry van Heerden
The truth about demons
Joel - part 1 - 2
The sign of the prophet Jonah
The Handwriting on the wall
Are the dead really dead?
Did Christ pre-exist?
» Glories of the Kingdom - part 1 - 6
Better the devil you know
Jesus destroyed the devil
The faith that cancels fear
Exhortation - Love
The new constitution - God's Answer
The Day the Devil Died

Bro. Paul Billington

» The Beauty of Holiness - part 1 - A Holy Calling
» Partakers of His Holiness - part 2
Exhortation - She who loved much
Did Christ rise from the grave?

Bro. Harry Tennant
Joint heirs of the grace of life

Bro. Peter King

Introduction to the prophet Isaiah
» Isaiah - part 1 - 5

Bro. Ian Smith
Exhortation - Trust

Bro. Tim Genders
God Principles for Family Living
Is the Tinity Biblical?
Why go to Church?

Bro. Nigel Patterson

Exhortation - Peter's Denial