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Christadelphian Media Disc 6
CMD 6 contains 79 talks in mp3 format and Winamp audio player.

(previously CMD 1, 2 and 3)

Bro. Bob Lloyd
How to Preach
Is Salvation conditional - or for everyone?
3 Exhortations

Bro. Gordon Hunnings
God will put an end to all suffering
Courtship & marriage
How to react to government & authority
Be ye faithful
The world's need of salvation
Exhortation - Matt11v5

Bro Matthew Blewett

Now Barabbas was a robber

Bro Peter King
1st Epistle to Peter
2nd Epistle to Peter

Bro. Roger Lewis
» Proverbs part 1 - 8
Caring for the flock of the household
Indisputable evidence that Christ rose from the dead
Hymns of Hezekiah
The Power of the hymnbook

Bro Tecwyn Morgan
Relationships -
Our relationship with God & Jesus
At home & in the ecclesia
Our relationship with the world

Bro. Dennis Gillett
Making sure of the future part 1 & 2
» The Pathway of Prayer part 1 - 7
» The King's Manifesto part 1 & 2
The Restoration and Recovery of Israel
The Hopefulness of the Truth
The Cost and Benefit of Christian Discipleship
All things work together for good
Idol worship in the 20th century
The hardest thing in the world

Bro Harry Tenant
» Studies in the Hebrews . part 1 - 6
» In the steps of Paul . Part 1 - 4
Consciencious objection
Exhortation - Paul's letter to the Philippians
Easter Week Talks
» Triumph in Christ . Part 1 & 2
» Pray Brethren Pray . Part 1 to 5
Exhortation - Affiliation
Lecture - The Miracle of Resurrection

Bro. Tecwyn Morgan

Easter Fraternal
Showing Mercy
Knowing God
Easter Week Talks
» Divine Covenants . Part 1 to 6
Lecture Demon Possession
1 exhortation

Bro Barry van Heerden

Lecture - The Covenant of Marriage

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