Now Available - 27 June 05
CAD 9 - 37 audio talks for playback on PC or MP3 enabled device.
Includes Treepad and Winamp audio player.
The below talks are available for listening HERE.

Bro. Stan Snow
» Currents Events and Prophecy - Class 1 - 6

Bro. Jim Cowie
» Marriage of the Lamb - part 1- 6

Bro. Roger Lewis
The Framework of Bible Prophecy
The Gaza Strip - Center for a PLO State?
Memorial Meeting Exhortation

Bro. Matt Drywood
» Temple in the Age to Come - part 1 - 3
Worship in the Age to Come
Developments in Apostacy
Was Peter the First Pope?
Future of Tourism in Israel
Israel - God's Chosen People

Bro. Paul Billington
The Kingdom of Men and the Coming Controversy of Zion
Behold a Great Idol
Zionists and the West Bank?
The Redeemer Shall Come To Zion

Bro. John Ramsden
Middle East Solution
Prophetic Edom

Bro. Raffael Beires
Exhortation - The Tongue

Bro. Jonathan Burke
The Trial of Christ
The Environment - The Bible's Answer

Bro. Garth Maier
» The Tabernacle - Class 1 - 4

CAD 9 uses an MP3 Player compatible format - 48kbs / 32Khz