Now Available - 26 March 05
CAD 8 - 30 audio talks for playback on PC or MP3 enabled device.
Includes Treepad and Winamp audio player.

Bro. Frank Abel
» Conscience

1 Suffering Required due to Conscience
2 Consciences in collision
3 Motivating power of conscience
4 Honing the conscience
5 The limits of conscience

» Come Out Of Her My People

1 Come out of her my people
2 Come out of her my people
3 Come out of her my people
4 Come out of her my people

Bro. Ron Abel
» Revival of God’s People

1 Revival of Gods people
2 Revival of Gods people
3 Let Us Rise and Build
4 I am doing a Great Work
5 Remember me O God for Good

Exhortation Ruling our spirit

Bro. Robin Lamplough
» Haggai

1 The Time is Not Come
2 A Bag with Holes
3 Ask Now the Priest
4 Go Up to the Mountain
5 The Desire of all Nations

Bro. David Fraser
Exhort Faith

Bro. Jim Luke
» Paul the Apostle

1 Paul's work at Philippi
2 Paul's great love for the+Philippians
3 An appeal for unity
4 Objectivity the Key to Pauls Success
5 The Secret Power of Pauls Dedication

Bro. Harry Tennant
» 1 Paul's Counsel to Titus
2 Paul's Counsel to Titus

From Ethiopia
The Tabernacle old and new

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