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Now Available - 11 Jan 04
CAD 4 - 29 audio talks for playback on PC or MP3 enabled device.
Includes Treepad and Winamp audio player.

Bro. Frank Abel
» A Faith that satisfies - pt 1 - 4

» Treasure in Earthern Vessels - pt 1 - 3

Bro. Harry Tennant
The Eunuch from Ethiopia

Bro. Stuart Walker
Exhortation - Take Heed

Bro. Brian Luke
» Daniel & Revelation - pt 1 - 8
1. Do all to the glory of God
2. The Most High Ruleth in the Kingdom of men
3. Daniel and the book of Revelation
4. Thou art weighed in the balances and found wanting
5. Daniels Vision of the 4 beasts
6. The Truth concerning the fourth beast
7. He Shall be broken without hand
8. God hath sent His angel

Revelation which interpretation
The significance of Constantine in the purpose of God
The Doctrine of the Antichrist

Bro. Paul Billington
» Revelation - pt 1 - 2
1 He that hath an ear let him hear
2 To him that overcometh

1 Do we understand Russia s Grand Move
2 The Enemy of God
3 Is it too late for Reformation

There arose a generation
The Seal of God or Mark of Beast
The Man of Sin
Our Duty to God and Man

CAD 4 uses an MP3 Player compatible format - 48kbs / 32Khz