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Compilation Series
Bible Truth CD
Bible Software CD
392 Top freeware applications indexed for easy installation.
Plus 4 Excellent Bible applications, background information on the Bible, summaries of the books of the Bible. 2 CD Set.
Preaching Series
Bible Truth CD
Bible Truth CD version 2
About 40 books, 8 courses, 80+pamphlets.
Includes documents, charts, software and Bible study tools, audio talks and links.
Remastered Audio Series
Bible Truth CD
Talks by Bro. Harry Tennant CD 1 & 2
61 Talks with remastered audio, much improved sound quality and greatly reduced background noise. Click cover for list of talks.
CAD Series - Talks in MP3 format . 48Kbs . 32Khz
CAD 10
Includes talks by Bre. Roger Lewis, Josh Wallace, John Martin, Ron Cowie.
Includes talks by Bre. Stan Snow, Jim Cowie, Matt Drywood, Jonathan Burke, and John Ramsden.
CAD 8 :: 30 Talks
Talks by Bre. Frank & Ron Abel, Robin Lamplough, David Fraser, Jim Luke, and Harry Tennant.
Topics : Conscience, Come Out of Her My People, Revival of God's People, Haggai, Paul the Apostle, Paul's Counsel to Titus.
CAD 7 :: 34 Talks
Talks by Bre. Michael Ashton, Garth Maeir, David Fraser, Hewitt Penn, Dave Boothway, Paul Billington, and Jim Luke.
Topics : John, Degrees of sin, Clean and Unclean, Prophecy, Behold my Servant, and Habakkuk.
CAD 6 :: 34 Talks
Talks by Bre. Ron Cowie, John McConville, and Hewitt Penn
Topics : Look Unto the Rock, The Gospel of John, Living with a Purpose, The 7 Visions of Zechariah, Lamentations, and Matthew - Gospel of the King.
CAD 5 :: 31 Talks
Talks by Bre. Brian Luke, and John McConville.
Topics : The Gospel of Mark, Building a Sound Ecclesia, John - Spirit at Enmity with Flesh, Amos, Proverbs - Fear of Yahweh.
CAD 4 :: 29 Talks
Talks by Bre. Frank Abel, Harry Tennant, Stuart Walker, Brian Luke, and Paul Billington.
Topics : A Faith that Satisfies, Treasure in Earthern Vessels, Daniel and Revelation, Revelation, and prophecy.
CAD 3 : 29 Talks
Talks by Bre. Carl Parry, Frank Abel, and Harry Tennant, and Graham Mansfield.
Topics : Ezekiel, Nehemiah, Amos, Jehoshaphat, Epistles of Peter, Redemption and Separation.
CAD 2 : 64 Talks
Talks by Bre. JK, Ron Cowie, David Fraser, Bob Lloyd, Harry Tennant, Billy Butts, John Ullman, Jonathan Burke, and Graham Mansfield.
Topics : The Word made Flesh, With the Master, Seven Sayings from the Cross, Message to Colosse, The Test of true Love, The Angels of God, Obadiah, Faith, First Epistle of John, Marriage Guidance from the Word of God, Moses - the Lord's Messenger, Patterns of the Past, Cleansing.
CAD 1 : 65 Talks
Talks by Bre. Roger Lewis, John Roberts, Michael Owen, John Mannell, Rex Tomlinson, Len Richardson, John Martin, and John Launchbury.
Topics : Abraham & Sarah, The Ministry of Aaron, The Letters of Peter, People in the Life of Moses, 1 Timothy, Parables, James, Living Proverbs, and Job.
CMD Series - Talks in MP3 format . 48Kbs . 32Khz
CMD 12
CMD 12 : 68 Talks
Talks by Bre. Roger Lewis, Robin Lamplough, Jonathan Burke, Michael Ashton, John Carter, Mark Giordano, Ron Cowie, Hagen Kassier, Len Richardson.
Topics : Disciples, Prophecy, The House of Asaph, The Restoration of Israel, Europe & the Beast, The Scriptural Role of Men & Women, James the Just, Ezra & Nehemiah, Humanism, and The Angels of God
CMD 11
CMD 11 : 69 Talks
Talks by Bre. Gordon Hunnings, Anthony Oosthuizen, Peter King, Dennis Gillett, AD Norris, John Martin, Len Richardson, JK, Jonathan Burke, Bart, Andrew Knowles, and Michael Ashton.
Topics : Psalms, Parables of Jesus, The Glory of the Lord, Grace & Truth in Action, Revelation, Noah - a Preacher of Righteousness, 50 Years a Christadelphian, The Epistle of James, Creation in the New Testament, The Marriage Feast of the Lamb, and The Mind of Christ in Mark.
CMD 10
CMD 10 : 64 talks & 104 hymns
Talks by Bre. David Fraser, Gordon Hunnings, Anthony Oosthuizen, Matthew Blewett, Harry Tennant, Peter King, Dennis Gillett, Brian Luke, George Booker, and Alfred Nicholls.
Topics : Elijah the Tishbite, The Royal Code of Practice, Journey with Jacob, Urgent Matters for Today, The Family Prepare, The Divided Kingdom, Discipleship in Deuteronomy, Abstain from All Appearance of Evil, Romans, Unto a Child is Born.
CMD 9 : 81 Talks
Talks by Bre. Bob Lloyd, Gordon Hunnings, Roger Lewis, Anthony oosthuizen, Robin Lamplough, Harry Tennant, John Roberts, Cedric Petit, John Marshall, Richard Purkis, Rae Earnshaw, Fred Pearce, Cyril Tennant and George Booker.
Topics : Spiritual Dynamics, You Can't Stop the Clock, The Last Days, Jeremiah, The Corinthian Letters, Why Jesus Christ was Crucified, Jeremiah, Christian Marriage, What Saith the Scripture, Joshua & the Rest, Revelation 4 & 5, Understanding God through Hosea, and The New Life.
CMD 8 : 75 Talks
Talks by Bre. Anthony Oosthuizen, Matthew Blewett, Barry van Heerden, Harry Tennant, Peter King, Dennis Gillett, John Roberts, Maurie Beale
Topics : The Weekend that Changed the World, Captains and Kings, Redemption and Separation, Malachi for Today, Balaam - the Reluctant Prophet, Luke, First principles, Undesigned Bible Co-incidences, The Times of David, The Breaking of Bread, Jeremiah - the Man and the Message, The Family of God, The Place the Lord Chose, Focussing on the Truth.
CMD 7 : 83 Talks & 27 Anthems
Talks by Bre. Trevor Maher, David Fraser, Stuart Walker, Nick Laubscher, Gordon Hunnings, Roger Lewis, Peter banford, Craig Blewett, Anthony Oosthuizen, Matthew Blewett, Robin Lamplough, Bob lloyd, Barry van Heerden, Paul Billington, Harry Tennant, Peter king, Ian Smith, Tim Genders, Nigel Patterson
Topics : The Ministry of Elijah & Elisha, Angels, God's Messengers, Moses - the man of God, Joel, The Glories of the Kingdom, The Beauty of Holiness, Partakers of His Holiness, Isaiah, and various lectures and exhortations.
CMD 6 : 79 Talks
Talks by Bre. Bob Lloyd, Gordon Hunnings, Matthew Blewett, Peter King, Roger Lewis, Tecwyn Morgan, Dennis Gillett, Harry Tennant, Barry van Heerden
Topics : Proverbs, Relationships, Making Sure of the Future, The Pathway of Prayer, The King's Manifesto, Studies in the Hebrews, In the Steps of Paul, Triumph in Christ, Pray Brethren Pray, Divine Covenants.
CMD 5 : 50 Talks
Talks by Bre. Gordon Hunnings, Anthony Oosthuizen, Robin Lamplough, Barry van Heerden, Matthew Blewett, Paul Bouwer, Harry Tennant, Alfred Nichols, Brian Luke, Roger Lewis.
Topics : The Brotherhood in Perilous Times, Except the Lord Build the House, Study in Daniel, Jonathan - whose love was wonderful.
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