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Author – Moses
Time – 1,650 – 1.500 B.C.

Summary – The title "Exodus" means "a going out". It records the great numerical growth of the Israelites during their slavery in Egypt. It introduces Moses and records the plagues God brought upon Egypt to secure His people’s release from slavery. After this, the people are given the Law at Mount Sinai. The book concludes with a description of the order of worship which centres around the Law of Moses. This is the second book of the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Jewish Scriptures.

The Liberation of Israel – Chapter 1 v 1 to 18 v 27
Ch.1 v 1 to 7 Introduction
Ch.1 v 8 to 22 Slavery in Egypt
Ch.2 v 1 to 4 v 31 Preparation of the deliverer
Ch.5 v 1 to 7 v 7 The Mission of Moses to Pharaoh
Ch. 7 v 8 to 11 v 10 God’s wonders in the land of Egypt
Chapter 12 The Passover and the departure of Israel
Ch. 13 v 1 to 18 v 27 Israel crossing the Red Sea and in the wilderness

Israel at Sinai – Chapter 19 v 1 to 40 v38
Ch. 19 v 1 to 24 v 11 Establishment of the covenant at Sinai
Ch. 24 v 12 to 31 v 18 Directions for the Tabernacle and the Priesthood
Chapters 32 to 34 The covenant broken and restored
Chapters 35 to 39 Building of the Tabernacle
Chapter 40 Erection and consecration of the Tabernacle

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