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1st and 2nd Kings

Author – Uncertain
Time – 1000 – 586 B.C.

Summary – In the original Jewish texts, these books were regarded as one book. The two books contain the history of the Jewish monarchy from the death of David (around 970 B.C.) to the Babylonian exile (586 B.C.). They trace the division of the Jewish nation into the Kingdom of Judah in the south and the Kingdom of Israel in the north. 1 & 2 Kings record Israel’s history from a religious, rather than a civil, viewpoint. As such, they record the religious progress of the nation and show the various steps in the moral growth and decay of the kingdom. 1 Kings opens with Israel in its glory, and 2 Kings closes with Israel in ruins. The purpose of the Book of Kings is to record the lives and characters of the nation’s leaders as a warning and exhortation to all subsequent generations of believers.

1st Kings

The united kingdom from Solomon to Rehoboam
– Chapter 1 v 1 to 11 v 43
Chapters 1 & 2 Solomon’s ascension to the throne
Chapters 3 & 4 The wisdom and wealth of Solomon
Chapters 5 to 9 Solomon’s building activity
Chapter 10 The golden age of Solomon
Chapter 11 Solomon’s false religion, decline and death

The divided kingdom (Part 1) – Chapter 12 v 1 to 22 v 53
Chapter 12 v 1 to 16 v 28 Early antagonism between Israel and Judah, from Jeroboam to Omri.
Chapter 16 v 29 to 22 v 53 From Ahab to the accession of Ahaziah

2nd Kings

The divided kingdom (Part 2) – Chapter 1 v 1 to 17 v 41
Chapter 1 v 1 to 9 v 10 From Ahaziah to the accession of Jehu
Chapter 9 v 11 to 17 v 41 From Jehu to the destruction of Israel

The Kingdom of Judah to the final destruction of the southern kingdom – Chapter 18 v 1 to 25 v 30
Chapters 18 to 20 The kingdom under Hezekiah
Chapter 21 The reigns of Manasseh and Amon
Chapter 22 v 1 to 23 v 30 Reform in Judah and Israel under Josiah
Chapter 23 v 31 to 25 v 26 The last days of Judah
Chapter 25 v 27 to 30 Epilogue : The release of Jehoiachin

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